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Selasa, 06 Desember 2011

Tumor Ganas - Dissordergrindassault (2005)

Genre: Grindcore
Country: DepokID
Released: 2005

1. When I Get Drunks
2. Normal
3. Trapped (Leads To The Rule)
4. Realize Peace This World (Extreme Decay Cover)
5. Fuck Work
6. Feeds Your Minds
7. Dissorder Grind Assault
8. Gratheful There (Social Deformity Cover)
9. Punk And Danger (Total Destroy Cover)
10. Lies And Pain
11. Living Comfort Without Boss
12. Protest To Survive (Varukers Cover)
13. Our Mission Is Possible
14. Dissorder Grind Assault (Rehearsal)
15. Anjing Sekali & Aku Benci (D.I.Y Live)


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