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Selasa, 06 Desember 2011

Tumor Ganas – Fuck Originality, Here Our Noise! (2008)

Genre: Grindcore
Country: DepokID
Released: 2008

1. Anjing Sekali!
2. Grindcore And Alcohol
3. Aku Benci
4. Audio-Death (Assuck Cover)
5. Sekali Bajingan Tetap Bajingan
6. Protest To Survive (Varukers)
7. Extreme Decay (Extreme Decay Cover)
8. Gratheful There (Social Deformity Cover)
9. Punks And Danger (Total Destroy Cover)
10. Is There A Place-Go Fucking Nichilist (AG Cover)
11. Terror Uberalez (Dislike Cover)
12. Deskriminasi Mati (Shenoid Cover)
13. Anjing Sekali & Aku Benci (D.I.Y Live)


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